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SIRE 1080x1350 novelties
Our first SIRE-campaign: Let’s talk about thát

We developed the campaign ‘Let’s talk about thát’, commissioned by SIRE. We signed the deal for strategy, idea, design and execution of (almost) all their outings. Eyecatchers: the tvc and 3 short video’s we made with kids who live in poverty. In association with Cake Film & Photography, Ben Brand, Joey de Leeuw, Hammerfest and De Wolven.

Image from i OS
Marjolein for Emerce

Our Insight strategist Marjolein explains why it is important to spend more time studying the problem before you act and how to do this. Read the whole article on Emerce.

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Timo for Emerce

Our creative director Timo is always on the lookout for the coolest stuff on the internet. So, here’s a new article on his 5 favorite examples of compelling visual storytelling. Check it out!

Glasnost and Fitzgerald join Born05 Group

PR-agencies Glasnost and Fitzgerald are now part of the Born05 Group. With this takeover the Born05 Group takes the next step to realize its vision of a fully integrated service palette for brands.

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Meet Marloes, our brand new Brand Manager!

She’s also known as ‘the Walking Jukebox’, since she ab-so-lute-ly loves music and she can’t seem to function properly without it. And we haven’t fact checked this yet, but by her account she was exactly the 15 millionth Dutch citizen when she was born. How cool is that?!

Enzo's Monthly Motion #29

COVID-19 sucker punched creativity, but it's back on its feet! Here are five rounds of knock out commercials.

Airborne grows up fast!

Our start-up sister agency has a brand new website with a lot of great new stuff on it. Airborne is fully focused on audio and worked recently for clients like KLM, Rituals and many more.

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Sjors for Emerce

Incubators, accelerators, angel investors… There are multiple paths you can follow in order to launch a new startup. However, there is another startup model that’s still relevantly unknown on this side of the Atlantic: creative capital. Our creative director and venture expert Sjors van Hoof tells you all about it on Emerce.

New client: Videoland!

We are very excited to work together with the number #1 Dutch streaming service and local video champion. Let's make exciting things together.

Speel platform beide
Speelfimpjes in the Emerce

Emerce reached out to our creative director Timo to talk about Speelfilmpjes, a platform we created for in 2017. The goal was to create more online engagement with kids. The result: a platform where kids can shoot and upload video's of their own LEGO sculptures. Read the full article here (in Dutch).

New client: Videoland!

New client: Videoland! We are very excited to work together with the number #1 Dutch streaming service and local video champion. Let's make exciting things together. 🎉

Born Logo Zonnebloem 4
New client: De Zonnebloem

De Zonnebloem organizes amazing events and home visits for people with a physical disability. Can’t wait to deliver our first campaign!

Harm Balvers Born05
Harm for Emerce

“We willen graag een geïntegreerde campagne” is momenteel een veelgehoorde vraag uit de markt. Maar wat is geïntegreerd? En is campagne voeren wel genoeg? Lees hier meer over in het artikel van Harm op Emerce

Insights... iFly KLM 2020

"Every year we try to create a special and unique campaign for KLM’s iFly Magazine. In each one of these special editions we curate the go-to-destinations for the upcoming year..."

Dennis Fonk
Dennis for Fonk Magazine

Our creative director Dennis van Vugt talks about his passion ‘humanizing brands’ in the Dutch FONK Magazine: “If you have 300.000 visitors on your platform, that’s 300.000 times one person. Our job is to never forget that one.”

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Christmas gift

Santa Claus gave us the best Christmas gift ever! What do you think of our new Born05 branded suits?

Portret Maaike
Mother of dragons

Meet Maaike, our Senior Project Manager! Her management skills are from another world, whether she’s at the office or at home with her 3 drago-... sons.

Welcome Agnes!

A new superstar joined our Born05 family. Welcome Agnes!

Marvin Jacobs Airborne
Marvin's weekly podcast tips on

‘Professor Podcast’ Marvin Jacobs gives tips every week about a special podcast on For during the traffic jam, while walking the dog or in the gym.

DSC00985 01
Our new copywriter

He’s rarely seen without a hat and he can’t stop talking about jazz music and his beloved Triumph motorcycle. Welcome to the team, Menno!

Digital heads, creative hearts

We're here to grow brands and build ventures. Our hearts are fuelled by creativity, our intellingence is backed by data. #posterboy

Edward in the Marketing Tribune

Edward Knol is since April 2019 the Managing Director of the digital creative agency Born05 in Utrecht. Together with Knol we are taking stock.

Made it up. Made it work.

Hybrid creativity is the future. A digital head and a creative heart. To create innovative work that works. Like the brand new fitness platform, created for Basic-Fit. Where user-friendly personalization meets design and data, increasing customer loyalty significantly.

Portret Arjan
<b> Bugs beers books baby </b>

Meet our kickass developer, Arjan! His life's all about bugs, beers, books and a baby. #developer #developerlife #bookaddict #beer #baby

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Hackathon 6.5

Cacophonic karaoke, a brain-crunching pub quiz and 10 teams dressed up totally weird and different. All sprinkled with a hint of German apres-ski and way too much confetti. Born05's Hackathon Sechs und Halb war toll, spitze, geil!

Image from i OS
Digital Marketing Live!

Born05's managing director, Ed, presenting our Hybrid Journey Model at the Digital Marketing Live! in Amsterdam. Mixing charisma with graphs!

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Cannes from above

Cannes, you were awesome! Special thanks to Lukkien for an amazing helicopter flight. 🚁

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#devblog: Image goes here…

Images on today’s web can be a hassle with all the requirements for different devices, bandwidths and screen sizes. Our developer Roel shares his findings on Medium.

2x SpinAwards nominations for KLM's iFly360 and The Journey!
Say it with touch

The one and only Gijs Huisman hosts a talk about our House of Haptics and HEY Bracelet. Well done Gijs! 🤝

Marvin Jacobs Born05
Listen to Marvin

Podcast guru Marvin Jacobs 🧙‍♂️talks about the rise of the podcast and how it will take-over the Netherlands in 2019. An inspiring view of the podcast world by a true podcast genius.

A well deserved lunch

Our Born05 power women went for lunch and came back to kick some ass at the office! 💪 Bon appetite.


It is that time again. Beer o’clock! 🍻 Time to reflect on the past week and celebrate the coming of weekend! 🎉

We are Airborne!

A big day today in the Maliehuis. We went Airborne! Our new audio agency is all about connecting brands to audiences through audio. 🎵 You’ll hear from them soon… 🎶

Working with babies!

Behind the scenes of a cute shoot we did for Zwitsal. This little one was a real natural in front of the camera. 👶

Your royal highness

A royal visit at the Newborn booth in Las Vegas @CES. Prince Constantijn 👑 and politician Mona Keijzer visited the House of Haptics booth. Very inspiring to be a part of the 50 Dutch startups.

3x Lovies

Today we received three Lovies for projects we did with KLM and Time to celebrate! 🎊🎉

Christmas office party

Christmas. 🎄The time to be together and celebrate good company. Our yearly Born05 diner was a truly heartwarming edition. Merry Christmas Everybody! 🎅🏻

Sinterklaas kapoentje

A very special guest at the born05 headquarters. Sinterklaas came to visit and gave all the kids of the Born05 family a little present. 🎁And not only that: there even was some awesome dancing goin’ on! 🎂

A little party in Amsterdam

Tonight we went to a lovely diner and festive party @ the Grand Prix Content Marketing Awards in Amsterdam.


Time to focus. At our Viltjesavond students worked on new ideas and presented this in inspiring ways. A successful evening with a lot new creative ideas.

Picking up our Red Dot Award for KLM the Journey

Our first ever award for a podcast! 🏆The Journey is the travel inspired podcast for @KLM.

Intuition. Intelligence.

Have you seen our new brand movie yet? Hop on to Vimeo and watch this massive production unfold before your eyes! 👀

Born05 goes New York

There’s nothing you can’t do, so we went to New York to charge-up the batteries. What an amazing trip! 🗽

Check out the aftermovie!

Hackathon Six

Here it is! Our yearly pressure cooker short film fiesta: Hackathon Six! Watch all our movies and be inspired by awesome creativity.


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