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SNS is changing course. With the new brand proposition, ‘First the people. Then the money.’ the bank mainly focuses on young adults who want to move forward in life but encounter all kinds of barriers. Born05 developed a content program that fleshes out the brand promise of SNS in the coming years.

Why. Connecting with a new target audience

Growth through personal attention. That is what SNS offers its new target audience. An SNS ‘groeicoach’ closely looks at your personal situation, offers you taylor-made options and thus brings your dreams and goals closer. But how do you make this concrete and credible? In a style that stands out and is also 'recognizably SNS'? And how do you then really connect with the new target group?

With distinctive content that shows SNS understands the situation of young people, and that offers insights, inspiration and practical how-to’s.

Idea. Future Money Talks

Born05 believes in the sum of all parts. If you want to establish a new brand proposition, you need to tell a powerful and consistent story over a longer period of time and throughout your entire ecosystem. For SNS, we will achieve this with 4 digital campaigns that bridge the gap between the ATL brand story and the SNS products and services.

And with Future Money Talks. A vast content program composed of (video) formats that point out, interpret and answer the frictions of young adults. All formats are supported with engaging social content and designed in a more pronounced interpretation of the new SNS visual identity. With Future Money Talks we help SNS in becoming thought leader when it comes to young adults and their financial dreams and thresholds.

Result. It all starts with personal attention

This year, SNS' marketing calendar features 3 big themes: Capital Growth, Housing and Entrepreneurship; each with its own ATL/BTL campaign. For the first theme, we’ve developed an attention-grabbing THINK layer around ‘Money doubts’ (Geldtwijfels). And for Future Money Talks we came up with a full-fledged studio talk show about the capital growth options for young adults, we took on the (im)possible challenge of quitting work 10 years earlier and in 3 short 101’s we brought the basics about investing.

On social media, we mainly went for interaction with the target group. By listening and engaging in a conversation, we again underline 'attention' as the basis for the entire SNS strategy.

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