Born05 launches digital high-fashion brand Reveals

Reveals campagnebeeld Linda final

Utrecht, November 29, 2022 – Today Born05 launches a new, Dutch, high-fashion brand, named Reveals. The new fashion brand kick starts with a first statement-piece that adds digital personalization to clothing: the Reveals-scarf. Every scarf is unique and reveals personal information about its owner.

With the launch a long-cherished dream of Born05 comes alive. For over 15 years the digital agency puts its creativity to work for the most well-known brands in The Netherlands. Now they bring alive an own brand for the first time.

Dennis van Vugt, Born05 Managing Director: “The idea for Reveals originated from the perspective that fashion communicates and that there is a way to adapt your wardrobe to what you have to say on a personal level. Because although we live in a time where we reveal a lot of ourselves, there is still a lot that remains un-revealed. That’s why we developed Reveals, digital fashion to reveal yourself.

Reveals really is a true Born05-brand. We are a digital-first agency but also have both feet in the physical world. Creating creative crossovers is a thing we love to do and Reveals is the perfect example of that.”

Zeferino de Fretes, Born05 Senior Designer: “Your outfit is a way to show off your personality. Reveals takes this to the next level. Every item is branded with a QR-code that leads to a digital environment where you can collect and show personal digital content, such as your favorite Spotify-playlist, a YouTube-video, or a blog post. This way you always wear your favorite items, whether it be music or art, with you.”

The Reveals scarf can be ordered in the colors black & white, brown & black and green & black and costs €95,-. They are for sale here.


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