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Zwitsal provides a complete range of sweet-smelling, comforting baby care. From body lotion and creams, to soft diapers and baby wipes; everything a parent needs to provide the best care for their little one. And now, there’s something new under the sun: Zwitsal introduces baby and child sun care. We all love being in the sun, but protecting the vulnerable skin of our kids from UV-rays is a concern. Not just on vacation, but for every moment spent outside in the sun. Therefore, we created an introduction campaign with a strong focus on the easiness of keeping babies, toddlers and childeren safe in the sun. The campaign is in line with the new brand strategy of showing relatable parent-child moments.

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Reason. Sun protection by child care professionals

The Zwitsal legacy is long-lived and loved by many. Adding sun care solutions to their already expansive product line is something fans of the brand have been waiting for. So, introducing these new products sounds like a sunny walk in the park, right? For the fans, yes! Our challenge was to convince other parents that Zwitsal's sun care is safe, easy to use, and is specifically formulated for the sensitive skin of babies and children.

Big idea. Worry-free summers with Zwitsal

Kids want to play and explore the outdoors. We encourage this curiosity as parents, as long as they’re protected from sunburn. However, applying sun screen to a squirmy baby or toddler can be quite a challenge. Don’t sweat it, Zwitsal knows how it feels. With a campaign centered around real, everyday parenting moments - the struggles and the cuddles - we show moms and dads that Zwitsal sun care is easy to apply and provides little ones with reliable, waterproof protection. The campaign consists of relatable reminders of when to think of sun care, how to use it and why the product is perfectly suited for their children. A campaign constructed around moments, methods and benefits.

Outcome. A strong campaign with a sunny forecast

The ‘we know how it feels’ approach resulted in a triptych of typical Dutch summer care moments, featuring a diverse selection of real parents and their playful kids. Three commercials, in different sunny settings, shown on TV and on all the social media platforms. In addition, we launched a barrage of banners, posts, adverts and stories, specifically targeted and dynamically programmed to match sun strength predictions. Both video and photography are in line with the new, real-life visual style introduced in the brand commercial last year. Zwitsal now reaches millions of parents in The Netherlands and Belgium, and protects soft-skinned babies and toddlers from sun rays, so they can simply enjoy a care-free summertime. If that doesn’t make for a brighter day?

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