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Which Dutch person doesn’t remember the weeks leading up to Sinterklaas (the traditional holiday for children on December 5th, Saint Nicholas' Day), when the gift catalog came in the mail? Hours, days, weeks you could spend carefully considering all the toys, selecting favorites, deciding which ones would make the cut to your ultimate wish list. Online warehouse bol.com, with its digital roots, never created a paper catalog. Their question for us: can we create an online alternative, generating the same excitement? We couldn’t wait to unwrap this challenge.

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Reason. A digital alternative

In order to compete with existing paper toy guides, bol.com asked us to develop a competitive digital alternative. A playful online environment, in which children could spark their anticipation for Sinterklaas. While going through bol.com's wide toy range, they compile their ultimate wish list and send it directly to the Sint (Saint Nicholas)’s phone.

Big idea. Sint’s Gift Machine

Introducing Sint’s Gift Machine: the ultimate tool to communicate directly with Sinterklaas about your wish list.

Parents play the role of Sinterklaas and give their approval for certain gifts before kids start swiping and selecting on their smartphone, tablet or desktop. During the process, kids receive entertaining mail from “Sinterklaas”, in which he communicates with the children about the items on their wish list.

Outcome. 40,000 children

Sint's Gift Machine was a success and has been at the heart of bol.com’s Sinterklaas campaign for children two years in a row. 40,000 children completed a list, viewing a total of almost a million gifts through the Gift Machine!

Sint's Gift Machine UX was designed with the help of kids!

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