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For almost a century now, Zwitsal has been a mainstay in the homes of Dutch families. Ask anyone, and they will tell you they remember the smell of the Zwitsal products. The Zwitsal brand is synonymous for baby care and on the last decades has created an almost fairytale-like image of what parenting can be. But parenting’s no fantasy world. It’s real, and sometimes a real challenge. Luckily, even if everything’s not going quite as planned, parents can count on Zwitsal. Born05’s commercial for the new Zwitsal diapers shows just that.

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Reason. Imperfection makes perfect

Zwitsal’s new brand purpose can be best described as a stab at the perfect picture of parenthood. Every mam and dad strive for perfection, but know that reality often is far from it. And that’s okay. The wonderful, messy, chaotic, intense, unexpected and funny moments you have with you child(ren) mean so much more. That’s what really matters. Zwitsal acknowledges this reality and offers parents a helping hand.

Big idea. We know how it feels

It’s a brave shift; moving your brand communication more towards a realistic account of what raising kids is like. It’s also a shift that has to be subtle and sincere. The Zwitsal commercial therefor features real people in real situations. Multiple recognizable storylines paint an everyday picture in the life’s of parents and grandparents. ‘Who’s getting out of bed in the middle of the night?’ ‘Why is eating such a fight?’ ‘Are we doing it right?’ Big questions that are all just part of the deal. That’s life. And ‘we know how it feels.’

Outcome. Reality works just fine

Every relationship in the brand commercial is genuine. All people involved are not actors, but real people with their children and grandchildren. This made producing and filming the commercial somewhat more challenging. But hey, that’s also just part of the deal.

This ‘Gouden Loeki’ nominated brand commercial, seen on national television and social media, was made together with our close friends at DPPLR (director Maarten Groen) and Audentity (Niels den Otter).


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