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SIRE is an independent foundation. With the help of campaigns it brings social issues to the attention of the Dutch public, opinion leaders and decision makers. SIRE wants to shake people up, encourage them to think, stimulate the debate about difficult issues and get people moving. To celebrate SIRE's 50 years of impact on society Born05 and Egotribe created a totally new website.

Reason. Creativity to create awareness

SIRE is the Dutch equivalent of the American Advertising Council. The USA and The Netherlands are the only two countries in the world where the advertising industries are united in using their creativity to create awareness and impact for the most important themes in their societies. In The Netherlands topics such as elderly loneliness, incautious handling of fireworks and antisocial behavior are amongst the most recognizable campaigns of SIRE. SIRE has been founded in 1967 and in light of their 50th anniversary, their online presence could really use an update.

Big idea. More than a 100 SIRE campaigns

Together with Egotribe, Born05 created the new website of SIRE. And it's something really special, featuring a totally modernized rich archive of more than 100 SIRE campaigns as well as a new and contemporary online identity. Clean, smooth, highly informative and downright beautiful.

Outcome. A royal launch party

The launch of the website was a big event. King Willem-Alexander was present, as well as deputy mayor of Amsterdam Pieter Litjens and Commissioner of the King Johan Remkes. Dutch tv-host Eva Jinek presented the evening. Thousands of people have visited the website since. So, now it's your turn. Check out the website here.

Clean, smooth, highly informative and downright beautiful.


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