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Social isolation due to a physical limitation: for many Dutch people it is their daily reality. A big problem, often overlooked by society. That’s why we developed an awareness campaign for de Zonnebloem that sheds a light on this issue and not only makes it visible and tangible: it also shows the ambition of the organization: “We’re standing up for them”.

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Reason. Awareness for the problem

De Zonnebloem does very important work and is at the verge of a big challenge. Due to an aging population and decreasing government intervention, social welfare and recreational care are under a lot of pressure. Statistics show that very few people know that de Zonnebloem is an organization that cares for and gives attention to people with a physical limitation. Even more so: most people have no idea that a physical limitation can lead to social isolation.

Big idea. We don’t let them down

We developed an extensive campaign program, starting off with this awareness campaign that shows how easily you get socially isolated when you have a physical limitation. The impact it has and how important volunteers are that care about you.

Outcome. Real stories

We have chosen a very direct and human approach. People in The Netherlands need to feel the size of this problem and also get a better idea of de Zonnebloem; the organization that works hard to help these people – that does not let them down. We found wonderful volunteers and participants to share their experiences. And we gave it our all to make sure these stories were told in the best way possible.

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