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2020 is not just any number. It’s a special number. So the yearly special we create for iFly KLM Magazine had to be something special too. Something different from the top 50’s we’ve created for the past three years. It became a list of 20 mysterious souvenirs: from friendly tea pets to fortune bringing cornicello’s.

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Reason. Staying on top as a travel authority

For over 10 years iFly KLM Magazine has inspired people all over the world with fascinating travel stories. For the 50th edition in 2017 we created our iFly 50 special: a list with 50 destinations for the next year. We repeated this very successful format for 2018 and 2019, giving iFly more authority as a travel institution. With 2020 at our doorstep, we felt it was time for something new. So we stepped up our game and came up with something different: 20 souvenirs to bring home in 2020.

Big Idea. Inspiring souvenirs for the new year

Souvenirs are fabulous metaphors for destinations. They are tactile objects that you can take home and, when looking at them, will always bring back the memories of your trip. Extending your visit when you are back home. In iFly 2020 we share our 20 favorite destinations for next year. Not by showcasing destinations on their own, but by letting our users discover 20 mysterious souvenirs in a fun digital experience. Each one with its own unique story. No refridgerator magnets or keychains, but cultural items that look beautiful and trigger your curiosity.

Outcome. Reality works just fine

The souvenirs are brought to life in 3D by our friends from Colorbleed, making them almost real. We created a playful digital experience where users can discover, twist and turn the souvenirs, giving them the opportunity to look at the objects from every angle. For every souvenir a short video was created to tell people the story behind it but also about the destination it comes from. After all, travel inspiration is what iFly stands for. Accompanied by some serious sound design by Massive Music, iFly KLM 2020 has become an experience in itself.

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