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PFZW is the Dutch pension fund for 2.8 million care and welfare professionals. The fund works hard to ensure a good pension for all participants. PFZW asked us to help them activate young professionals, who are not really involved with their pension, by speaking up about what PFZW does for them and how they go about.

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Reason. Get to know us

Young care and welfare professionals are not really involved with their pension. And they don’t have a striking image of their pension fund. They often know little about the organization that works hard to ensure a good pension for them. Some importante educative work had to be done.

Big idea. The Most Normal Thing In The World

To make young professionals receptive, we found a striking resemblance between them and their pension fund. Care and welfare professionals take care of people who are in need of their help, and although the outside world often views their work as special, professionals do not consider it to be as such. For them it’s absolutely normal. Same goes for PFZW. They consider it to be the most normal thing in the world to ensure a good pension for people who have been taking care of other people in their working life.

Outcome. The Reality Is Beautiful As It Is

We developed four commercials and three explanatory videos. All of which are distributed online. In the commercials we followed three professionals and documented their working days. We see the hard labor, the real attention they have for people and we see how natural it is for them to care. We connected that to the core story of PFZW, how normal and natural it is to take care for the professionals, for their pension; their life after work. At the end of every commercial viewers are offered the possibility to learn more on three major subjects, which are explained by PFZW staff members.

Results. Exceeding Expectations

After the production of these movies, the work of reaching relevant audiences was just getting started. A part of this project also meant reaching a qualitative target, in which a significant portion of the participants of the PFZW funds needed to be reached and be actively engaged with the content. In order to meet these set targets, we developed a tiered campaign strategy, in which we drilled down to the most relevant audiences online. The campaign focused on achieving relevant video views and funnelling the user to further content developed for this campaign. With the use of YouTube advertising and Facebook & Instagram advertising, we were able to build significant and highly relevant audiences, whom were targeted with specific ads for their field of expertise. The end results exceeded the set targets with nearly 218%, with an impressive 25% view through rate on sequenced video’s, through-out the whole campaign.

PFZW video Kinderopvang
PFZW video Zorg
PFZW uitlegvideo 1 Goed pensioen copy
PFZW video Revalidatie
PFZW uitlegvideo 2 Duurzaam beleggen
PFZW uitlegvideo 3 Vitale sector
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