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Online shopping’s great. But returning clothes due to poor fitting? Not so much. In fact, 40% of all clothing gets returned minutes after unboxing, increasing the already immense carbon footprint of the clothing industry. A team of entrepreneurs reached out to Born05 Ventures with an idea to create a digital solution for this. We joined as co-founders and developed an incredibly accurate and easy to use sizing app called: Tailie.

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Insights. Finding the perfect fit needs to be fun.

Did you know many of all returns end up in landfills? And in 71% of the cases wrong sizing is the reason for people to return their orders? Tailie’s mission is to reduce returns and thus the carbon footprint of the clothing industry. The digital service lets online shoppers order exactly the right size with just one click. As co-founder and creative partner Born05 Ventures was responsible for all brand, marketing and sales strategies, and co-engineered the entire eco-system.

Product. A unique one-click sizing solution.

The Tailie app helps people measure all body parts with the utmost precision and does so by using exact measurement data instead of generic big data. You only need to take 2 photo’s body, back and side, place the measuring points the Tailie algorithm creates a personal (but share-able) size passport based on your exact body dimensions. With this you can match your size with the clothing sizes in affiliated web shops and always find the perfect fit. A win for businesses, customers AND our planet.

Strategy. Generating traction in the market

The main strategy for Tailie is to partner-up with companies in the clothing business. By working together with retailers and brands we can proof our service works and generate important data and traction the market. We’re implementing several propositions with national and international brands. For instance: 1) tailor-made size advice for an online retailer, 2) a teamwear solution for the corporate clothing of major brands and 3) an advanced test with online made-to-measure clothing. End goal, of course is to grow Tailie into an flourishing business that will change online fashion shopping forever.

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From now on there’s only one size. Your Size!

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