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Informing the general public about dementia and stressing the urgency of care and cure solutions has been one of the primary goals of the Dutch Alzheimer’s association for years. They helped to break the taboo. We now talk about dementia. About patients and their care-takers. About care professionals. We feel the urgent need to come up with solutions better, as well as we better understand the urgent need to take care of people who live with dementia every day. For years the Alzheimer’s association did not speak that much about themselves. Therefore the Dutch public didn’t really had a clear image about Alzheimer Nederland. The organization needed to speak up. About who they are and most of all: what they do.

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Reason. We're the one you can turn to

Alzheimer Nederland wants the Dutch audience to view them more as the authority they already are on everything that has to do with the disease. They want people to remember them more by their actions and accomplishments. Regarding them as empathetic leaders who can and will make the differences needed to improve the quality of life of people who are living with dementia, and to contribute to major improvements in finding solutions to cure the disease. Alzheimer Nederland is the organization that advocates public concerns, fights for a future without dementia, but also offers a listening ear, organizing local get-togethers for peers all-around the country and so much more. From the political arena to your frontyard porch, we’re there for you.

Big idea. We'll take care of it

And, we’re not just there. We’ll take care of it. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we always deliver when we do promise you something. We always do everything in our power to bring our society forwards. We lead the way forward, for you. Alzheimer Nederland is active on so many levels, from local to national, from public to person, from cure to care. The value they add is so diverse and powerful, we decided not to communicate our message into one condensed expression. We would lose so many beautiful aspects of the work they do and the way they go about. We wanted to develop a series of brand encounters and experiences that would add up, and could be used for years to come. Shining the light on our diverse contributions in short statements which we always round up with one consisting brand message: ‘We’ll take care of it’.

Outcome. Smart production

For our introduction campaign flight we created five different short films, fifteen different radio commercials and we shot five key visuals we will use in all our advertising communications. To capture the essence of Alzheimer Nederland’s work, we used a documentary approach. We were taken in by patients, caretakers, nursing homes and Alzheimer Cafes and we documented the most wonderful scenes. The music was specifically composed for this campaign.

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