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For over 90 years Damen Shipyards Maritime has created solutions for every imaginable sector within the nautical industry. In the past few years the digitalization of this industry also went into overdrive. To keep fulfilling the needs of their customers and be able to serve them in the best possible way, Damen is undergoing a digital transformation. Starting point is the digital rebranding.

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Reason. One Damen that works

Damen is a strong and well-known brand. Still, its identity was not suitable for digitalization. A good brand is consistent and recognizable, no matter the outing. Damen’s ID was not. Besides, their corporate identity had a very old-fashioned look and feel, making it a mismatch with the innovative nature of the company. It was up to us to change that identity without making it unrecognizable.

Big idea. An ocean of possibilities

Starting point for the new style was Damen’s renewed tagline: ‘Oceans of Possibilities’. A slogan that offered us a lot of inspiration. We chose to work from the principle ‘the volatility and possibilities of water’. From there we came up with the ‘Bow wave’, a new style element that Damen can use in various ways as part of their identity. As bow wave, arrow or a symbol for water. This style element connects, enriches and strengthens Damen, its sub brands and divisions under one visual identity.

Outcome. A new visual brand identity & style-guide

The new digital style-guide explains the new brand formula. It consists of a new color pallet, a strong style element, a variety of lay-outs, renewed typography, a ‘UI’ library and guidelines for the use of video and photography. Various examples show how Damen can use the new identity on different channels and at different touchpoints. Last but not least we brought the practical guidelines together in a useful digital style-guide. Accessible for everyone working with the Damen brand. Now Damen is ready for the (digital) future!

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One digital styleguide to serve everyone who needs to work with the new Damen visual brand identity

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