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Since 1960, ASN Bank is the most sustainable bank in the Netherlands. A bank with a mission. That might sound strange. But ASN Bank knows like no other that money can change the world. They do that by investing in companies that do right to man, climate, and nature. That is how money buys happiness. The more people who see that, the more sustainable progress can be achieved. That is why ASN Bank benefits from a good story. Born05 helps ASN Bank tell this story in an impactful way.


ASN Bank wants to attract new customers in the millennial target audience. A target audience who thoroughly thinks about their impact on the planet. Thus, a target audience for who sustainable banking is a logical and sensible choice. ASN Bank has profiled itself with fablelike and beautiful commercials for a considerable time. But they only tell a small part of the bank’s story. Climate problems, human rights violations, the threat of nature is set in the real world. To reach millennials with that message we must step out of the world of fables and step into real-world social content.


Together with ASN Bank, Born05 develops a social content strategy for the long term. With the goal to profile ASN Bank as thought leader in sustainability. We do that through creative campaigns and content who establish a link between global problems, financial affairs, and sustainable lifestyles. With positive, approachable stories which show that money can buy happiness. Of course, accompanied with a fresh, distinctive social style.


In the space of one and a half years, Born05 developed and produced tens of social format for ASN Bank. Developed campaigns about sustainable lifestyle, financial products the bank’s 60-year anniversary. The bank has been given a face by putting experts in the spotlight and by providing all their social content with branding and styling which ASN Bank can implement themselves. We engaged in dialogue about sustainable products, dilemmas, and biodiversity policies. And with that we have achieved increased visibility and reach. A fruitful beginning of a collaboration which has just begun.

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