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Bynco is a young enterprise which wholly commits itself to helping people buy their next car online in a way that is both personalised and approachable. For the first time, in 2022, the brand introduces itself on a large scale to the Dutch market and wants to be viewed as fresh, distinctive and most of all: authentic. To help Bynco well on its way, we implemented a rebranding in collaboration with Akker that fits seamlessly with the big ambitions of the brand.

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Because. Bynco is always there for you.

Buying an occasion with Bynco is a fun experience, yet this is not always the case. For a lot of people buying a secondhand car is stressful. Bynco wants to take away those fears and guide you every step of the way in a manner that is sympathetic with personal and expert advice. Using this idea and ambition as our starting post, we developed a new visual identity with and for Bynco.

The idea. The car window as unifying element.

The new style is a balanced mix where trustworthiness, friendliness and personal attention melt together in a contemporary look and feel that exudes quality and joy.

The unifying element is the car window. That is the element that brings the world of inside and outside the car together. Bynco fulfils the same function between buyers and the world of occasions. Of course, it is also a visual element that feels natural for a car seller without it ever feeling bland. We developed a simplistic shape of a windshield. A shape without embellishments that is versatile in its use -in photography, but also as graphic element.

With cheerful and sharp portrait photography and a new colour pallet with stopping power added to the mix, buying a car at Bynco is now made fun, personal and easy.

Result. Bynco is ready for the future.

We tackled the entire visual identity of Bynco. From logo and typography to colour, style elements and photography. We developed a powerful design language that feels personal and trustworthy and looks modern and friendly, exuding quality and expertise. In a way that distinguishes Bynco in the market and which we can expand upon recognisably and consistently.

So, we are ready for the future. Not only because the style has some mileage left, but also because we can add to it. Bynco’s development is in full swing and the new identity moves with the brand and all various circumstances.

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