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Basic-Fit is the European market leader in the 'value-for-money' fitness business. The company offers an uncomplicated but effective fitness experience thats affordable, easy to access and mostly self-serviced. The one thing that's 'missing'? A personal touch, a face, a coach. Someone who welcomes and motivates you. Keeps you coming back for more, keeps you in the Basic-Fit family... So, say hi to the total revamp of Basic-Fit's onboarding and retention strategy, say hi to: Ruby.

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Reason. Basic customer retention

With more than 600 gyms in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain, the Basic-Fit concept has proven to be very successful. The Dutch fitness company offers its 1.8 million members a no-nonsense fitness concept that's mostly run online and without personal coaches in the gyms. Because of Basic-Fit's strong value-for-money proposition acquiring new clients isn't really a problem. But keeping them motivated and active IS. Many of the customers felt a bit lost after starting their Basic-Fit membership, losing track of their goals and drifting away from the gym. They needed someone to take them by the hand. A warm welcome, tailor-made fitness goals and an occasional pat on the shoulder.

Big idea. A warm welcome

Normally when you go to a gym for the first time, someone takes you through a personal intake; showing you the ropes and setting personal achievable goals. All aimed to make you feel welcome and able to go your own way. This important touchpoint was missing in the customer journey of Basic-Fit clients. So a totally new mobile-first onboarding platform was created, complete with a fitness plan and mail flow for the first eight weeks. But a platform and mail flow still aren't very personal. Meet Ruby. A fitness girl that personifies Basic-Fit, based on extensive brand identity research and animated thanks to an overseas collaboration with Animagic. From now on, all Basic-Fit clients have someone that helps, motivates and activates them personally.

Outcome. Powerlifting results

A good start is half the battle. Especially in customer retention strategies and even more so when it comes to sports and fitness. Personal coach Ruby, a playful onboarding campaign and an extensive client retention program have changed the way Basic-Fit interacts with customers. For the good! Clients in Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Spain all have responded very positively to the personal touch by leaving glowing reviews about their personal fitness plans. And with that Ruby proves to be more than the face of a company. She also shows that personal, individual attention still is a very powerful tool if you want to keep your clients from walking out the door.

A warmwelcome,tailor-madefitness goalsand anoccasional paton the shoulder


Personal fitness plans made


of visitors made a personal fitness plan


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