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As an agency we give our best for our clients everyday. But sometimes we cannot resist to generate some creative ideas of our own. These ideas need time and nourishment, and for a long time we haven’t been able to do so. Even though the ideas - if we may say so - were extremely cool and promising.

The ‘what if’ question kept circling back to us. What if we did have the time? What if we would be able to develop our very own brands? In 2021 we made the decision at BORN05 to take the leap. From that year on, we will fulfill one of these ideas every single year. The first one we wanted to launch was… Reveals.

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We live in a time where much is exposed, though still there is so much that stays unrevealed: a mystery even. One of the ways to express one’s identity is through the way you dress: the way you look partly defines your personality.

The idea.

So, we decided on the medium: fashion. But we even took this category a step further. We created a fashion brand with a digital twist: introducing a new category in the fashion industry, called: ‘scanwear.’

It’s all derived from the idea that clothes communicate. We are very much aware that clothing used as branding is not new. Just like adding QR codes to clothing, that has been done before. But scanwear entails more: it enables its wearer to personalize clothing with digital content. Content that the user can play and experiment with. To keep both the users as their relatives curious to explore more about their identity.

The result.

That’s Reveals: digital fashion that allows you to expose yourself in a surprising way. Each item has a QR code that leads to a unique digital environment. Here you can collect your unique and personal digital content. From your favorite Spotify playlist to a YouTube video that changed your life or a blog post that truly inspired you. This way you always carry your favorite items - from music to art - with you.

Summing up: it’s more than just a piece of clothing. You get to create something cool and digital. It’s like your own digital safe from Reveals, it doesn't belong to anyone else - but it’s available for everyone to discover, simply by scanning your scarf.

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