The Dutch charity Zonnebloem needs your help

De Zonnebloem

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De Zonnebloem (sunflower) has been dedicating itself to people with a physical disability for almost 75 years. The organization has to deal with a considerable decline in name recognition, volunteers and donors. These donations are essential for continuing to help the 1.3 million physically disabled people in the Netherlands. That is why it is time for a large-scale fundraising campaign.

Because. The Zonnebloem doesn't let them down

The Zonnebloem does not leave people with a physical disability sitting around. With that message, we started in 2019 to reintroduce the Netherlands to the Zonnebloem. Name recognition has increased since then, but the organization faces several challenges. For years, both the number of participants and volunteers has been declining, and the number of donors and the amount of donations are also declining. If the Zonnebloem wants to continue its important work, we need to act now. But how do we reach and convince potential donors in a world that is screaming for attention and is overwhelmed with malaise due to war and pandemics?

The idea. A sympathetic charity in your neighborhood.

Instead of focusing on urgency, we must convince people in a different way to support De Zonnebloem. We do this by bringing De Zonnebloem nearby. With a sympathetic, local understanding message. We use the power of online to approach our target group as specifically as possible. The more they recognize themselves in the situations that we show, the more we give them the feeling that they can contribute to something that means a lot to people in their neighborhood who cannot lead the same life due to a physical disability.

Result. Giving with a good feeling.

With a wide range of online assets that show who and what the Zonnebloem is, we approach our target group with regularity and variety. In short videos, people with physical disabilities are shown to tell about the role that the Zonnebloem plays in their lives. In a 'See, Think, Do'-construct, we take our target group from emotion to reason and finally to a concrete request to donate. A rich campaign with different faces and stories. Not a cry for help, but a heartfelt request for a gesture with a good feeling.

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