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2020 marked the 60th anniversary for ASN Bank, the biggest sustainable bank in The Netherlands. A wonderful occasion to celebrate their mission and emphasize it at the same time. It’s why we developed a special project in which three renowned artists brought an ode to humanity.

Reason. A clear mission for more than 60 years

Since their establishment in 1960, ASN Bank made it their mission to promote sustainability in society. A bank as a means to reach a goal. As a driving force for sustainability, ASN Bank contributes to a world in which people can live safely and in good health and where nature is protected. ASN Bank supports and invests in people who make a difference. People who are inspired to do things different. These are the people who contribute to a more sustainable world.

Idea. An ode to humanity

So we set our sights on these idealists. People who do not take current solutions for granted but search for things we can do better. For over 60 years people have been the driving force behind the mission of ASN Bank. To show the Dutch how important (these) people are to ASN Bank, we have asked three remarkable artists to bring an ode to humanity, each in their own way. A poet, a photographer and a visual artist.

Outcome. If you want to see change, you need to be it

In four weeks Derek Otte, Ilvy Nijokiktjien and Hedy Tjin each made a beautiful and personal work. One reading, one photograph and three paintings. We created a social video series in which we followed them and the process they underwent. From the moment they were asked to join this project to their ideas, attempts and eventually the final results that they revealed together.

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