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Subscribers who sign up for a free trial period, watch their favorite series and unsubscribe again: a familiar problem for Videoland. So, it was up to us to keep these users interested and connected to Videoland.

Reason. A mental watch list

Research showed that most users only start looking for new titles when they are done watching their current series. Especially promo-members don’t seem motivated to discover new content. Videoland wants their subscribers to add new things to their favorites, before their current favorite series has ended. That way they will have something new waiting for them, which will keep them active on the platform. Therefore, stimulating their curiosity at the right moment is key.

Big idea. Find your next match <1 minute

What shall we watch tonight? A quick and simple answer to that question is essential. With that in mind we started off with a test panel consisting of Videoland subscribers. We developed a prototype in which we’d let them select a few preferences and the target audience. The result would deliver some surprising suggestions.

Outcome. Interactive statements

Our prototype became the VideoVinder. By answering a few short and interactive statements, users navigate in a playful way through the content that Videoland offers. The interaction is short and snappy and requires little effort from the end user. This way the VideoVinder is an accessible tool to keep viewers inspired and connected to Videoland.

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