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Leading up to International Women's Day 2023, TEDxAmsterdam Women and Ace developed MissJourney. An AI-tool that exclusively generates images of women. From CEOs and leaders to superheroes, doctors, and engineers. MissJourney aims to spark conversation about gender bias and stereotyping. BORN05, part of Ace, designed and developed the campaign website.

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Currently, it's clear that AI-image generators are biased. When asked to come up with professions or character descriptions, less than 20% of the images displayed feature women. It's time to show that the world we live in isn't just shaped by men. Women can be CEOs, politicians, doctors, and superheroes just as easily. That's why we developed a tool to offer an alternative.

The idea.

MissJourney is an AI-model that's been specifically trained to generate only female images. Our campaign site offers users a highly user-friendly way to get acquainted with AI, learn about current biases, and generate images that counter these biases. Users can choose a profession and our AI generates a selection of female images that can be shared via various social media platforms. This way, our users can spread the message that women are just as capable of being CEOs, politicians, doctors, and superheroes.

The result.

We're extremely grateful for all the attention our initiative has received. Some of the highlights included a discussion with national politicians such as Attje Kuiken at Eva Jinek, winning the FWA Site of the Day award, and international publications from China, Turkey, and Japan. Additionally, we're proud to announce that almost 20,000 prompts were entered in just 24 hours. This fantastic result is a brilliant start to the theme of 'gender equality in technology', which TEDxAmsterdam Women will be championing this year. Curious about MissJourney? Try it out for yourself here!







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