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For over 100 years, KLM has been guiding its travelers to their next destination. This expertise extends beyond the flight itself and begins long before you step on board the airplane. Now, using generative AI, we've created a solution that inspires your travel plans by providing real-time, tailored content to each user, making every travel recommendation uniquely yours.


KLM is an expert in travel and a pioneer in the use of new technologies. Previously, we developed 'iFly Magazine' for KLM, a dynamic travel platform full of adventurous content and reasons to travel. With this rich content as a foundation, we wanted to create an experience where every recommendation is truly unique and tailored.


In an intuitive user experience, 'Ask Atlas' guides you through inspiring travel images, activities, and questions to uncover your travel desires. By making choices based on your feelings, Ask Atlas gets to know you and assists you in discovering your next destination. Using AI, it generates fully customized travel inspiration and content, curated from KLM's decades of travel experience.


KLM's Ask Atlas platform is launching in 40 countries and 12 languages, bringing AI-driven, personalized travel inspiration to KLM’s broad customer base. Now, every traveler can enjoy a custom journey planning experience, setting ‘Ask Atlas’ apart as a game-changer in digital travel services.

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