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In an ever changing media world, it’s essential to stay on top of your a-game. That’s why hit radio station 538 asked us to help them to revive the brand with a new brand strategy, design and campaign. So, we developed a brand strategy that would allow 538 to become part of the listener's life again.

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Because. 538 is Home of Hits

Coming from a slightly adolescent and even a bit rebellious tone of voice, 538 is moving towards a modern brand, not top down, but surrounded by its listeners. The station aims to be always surprising and entertaining and knows what’s happening in your fast moving world filled with hits. That’s why we renamed 538’s brand strategy: Home of Hits, to reconnect with the listeners and the audience and convince them that 538 is their station.

The Idea. to launch. The Chase.

We launched the brand strategy with a new campaign that empowers both the 538 family as well as the connection with the listeners. In a cheerful campaign, the exploring character of the brand comes to life as we follow the 538 DJs that chase a lost speaker box. The chase puts them in several contagious 538 situations. From the terrace, home or at the office. Everywhere the speaker box chases passes by, listeners instantly start to move and dance, as if they were listening to 538. But the question is, will the DJs catch the speaker box in time?

The Result. Your hits. Your 538.

As the strategy and campaign communicates: 538 puts itself between their audience and listeners, to explore whats hot, new and upcoming. And this is just the beginning. For the coming period, we will be launching several new stories around the chase. From tag ons to activations and more. As it never stops, because wherever you are: Your Hits. Your 538.

Win met de zin

From Tuesday 7 June onwards, 538 will play the most exciting game on Dutch radio again: Win Met De Zin! Do you know which four well-known voices pronounce 'Win Met De Zin? Then you have the chance to win 25,000 euros! But there is more. This year every vote is worth money! To communicate this, we came up with a campaign that is linked to the brand campaign. In it, we show that you can always win (if you have guessed the right voice) by bombarding the DJs with lots and lots of money. We developed tag-ons, an online video, channel assets and a (Digital) Out Of Home campaign.

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