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Greenchoice alters its way of communication in 2020. Holland’s most sustainable energy brand will become 100 % digitally active throughout the year, instead of putting all their focus on once-a-year television campaign. The main goal is to reach and attract more customers.

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Reason. More people, more results

Greenchoice’ mission is as simple as it is ambitious: always green. In other words: in the future everyone in Holland will use sustainable energy. To realize this, a lot needs to be changed. This transition can only be successful if everyone works together and anyone is able to join. To accomplish that we need new developments and a change of behavior.

Big idea. Join the movement

Together with Greenchoice we created a new campaign- and content strategy in which everything evolves around the movement. The movement of transition and of people: our movement! A movement of green power that stimulates people to participate. This movement will make the difference in the upcoming years and we call for all Dutch people to join us.

Result. Why? Because!

This year we start with our new brand story in which people take the lead. With our movement we are looking for people who want to join us and we put the spotlight on choices yóu can make. Choices like choosing sustainable energy, generating your own energy and saving energy. Not in a pedantic or preachy way, but from our belief that sustainable energy is the only way to go. And we’re not the only ones advocating this belief: the followers of the movement are part of this job too.

Green is the onlyright choice

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Join Hollands’ greenest energy movement

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We’re standing up for them

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