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KLM’s award-winning digital magazine iFly keeps passengers inspired between flights. Reaching ten million readers in more than 40 countries, it is a customer retention tool that builds the relationship with KLM and excites passengers with new reasons to travel. It is a constant source of inspiration on the customer journey. With an incredible amount of exciting content iFly offers something for everyone. From general inspiration, to specifically targeted tips about the place (potential) customers are travelling to.

Reason. Strengthening emotional connections

The choice of airline is often driven by price and convenience, so building loyalty to a brand is key to customer retention. But there can be long gaps between flights, during which the relationship fades. The iFly KLM family strengthens the airline’s connection with customers and inspires them to choose KLM next time they fly. The rich content platform does more than simply push sales and offers, but engages passengers and builds an emotional connection in line with KLM’s overarching strategy of ‘journey of inspiration’.

Big idea. Reasons to travel meets rich content innovation

iFly KLM has created an incredible amount of inspirational travel content. And every day new stories are added. This opens a world of opportunities. iFly KLM Magazine becomes a platform full of dynamic content aimed at specific groups. Editions become selections… Relevant themed magazines, built around one country, city, interest or even time of year, can be distributed through different channels to reach new targeted audiences. This omni channel approach, with a unique distribution model, optimizes and increases the reach and popularity of iFly KLM Magazine and thus: KLM’s services and portfolio.

Outcome. More traffic and pride

Just in the first two weeks the platform KLM VR content reached over 10 million people on social media. More than 300.000 potential KLM travelers visited the platform and on average engaged with the content for more than 6 minutes. 42% of them subscribed for the upcoming episodes in Hawaii and The Netherlands.

So, get ready to go around the world with Kiran Jethwa, without even leaving your home. Departure time? Whenever you’re ready.

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The original content is highly visual, dynamic and interactive.

iFly KLM knowswhere you'regoing next

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Bright and compelling images are used to accentuate destinations, with snappy and suggestive features.
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iFly KLM is highly social, so can be easily shared, and helps to enrich the data profiles of passengers.
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Relevant themed magazines, built around one country, city, interest or even time of year, can be distributed through different channels to reach new targeted audiences.
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7 mln

Social media reach


People are inspired monthly

5:00 min.

Average time spent on platform

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