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We’re thrilled to announce Greenchoice’s new brand campaign! Spearheaded by a bold and colorful commercial bursting with optimism and positivity, the campaign perfectly encapsulates Greenchoice’s brand promise of ‘making green choices work for you.’ Born05 is proud to have developed the strategy, concept, and production.

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Greenchoice wants to empower everyone in making environmentally conscious decisions that benefit the planet as well as people. The energy products making this possible, and the resulting positive feelings are perfectly brought together in the tagline ‘Positive Energy.’ And positive energy is the driving force behind change. Instead of just talking about environmental responsibility, Greenchoice has taken positive action to promote green and sustainable living.

The idea.

Positive energy is a rich and durable creative concept that will serve as a foundation for Greenchoice’s content and campaigns for years to come. The tagline’s double meaning provides endless opportunities to offer our target audience more ‘what’s in it for me’ at every communication touchpoint. It brings a welcome human element to abstract concepts like sustainability and green energy.

The result.

The commercial, featuring a catchy and original soundtrack available on Spotify, airs on television for 6 weeks. But the campaign’s impact won’t stop there! ‘Positive energy’ will be present in every aspect of Greenchoice’s communication, including online campaigns, brand activations, and content that will make the new proposition come to life. With a corporate campaign Greenchoice employees (and those of its subsidiaries KiesZon and Everday) are also included in the excitement.

We are honored to have collaborated with Greenchoice on this inspiring and impactful campaign. We believe it represents a paradigm shift in how energy companies can promote environmentally responsible choices and at the same time have a positive impact on everything around us.

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