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In 2022, Robijn launches a brand-new product: Robijn ‘Stip en Streep.’ A laundry detergent and fabric softener, especially developed for colored clothes with white elements. Born05 was asked to effectively launch this product in the Netherlands.

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Because. ‘Stip en Streep’ gives you confidence.

If you love your clothes, you want the fabrics to stay beautiful for as long as possible. Generally, Dutch people wash their clothes in a very conscious way. Separating white, dark, wool and color. When washing colored clothes with white elements, this isn’t always easy. White elements can quickly turn pale, and patterns can fade away. But don’t stress, from now on, you won’t have to worry about his anymore.

Robijn ‘Stip en Streep’ gives you the certainty that white elements in colored clothes are protected and colors stay rich and bright. An amazing excuse to expand your wardrobe with more patterned clothes and to wear that favorite item more often.

The idea. Patterns are everywhere.

Life is full of cheerful patterns, making everyday life more fun. Thanks to Robijn ‘Stip en Streep’ we will now see them more often. Not only in your wardrobe, but also on the streets. The storyline of the campaign was based on the certainty the product offers and the fun it yields. Enjoy the cheerfulness patterns have to offer worry-free. And while doing so, you will see patterns popping up everywhere around you…

Result. A flamboyant play of patterns.

A curiosity inducing campaign that you will enjoy seeing more than once, because each time you will notice something new. Full of motion and aesthetically pleasing patterns. Always with a playful touch. A campaign that provides you with the confidence to enjoy your clothes with dots and stripes.

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