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As one of the frontrunners of the energy transition, Norwegian company Easee has now set its sights on expansion in the Benelux. With the introduction of their compact, smart car charger in the Dutch and Belgian markets, they want to convince a new target group to make the switch to electric driving. It's that Easee.

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Because. The switch to electric doesn't just depend on the choice of car.

Easee is the first car charger you want. It looks super slick, it contains clever Norwegian technology, and it charges your car with electricity in no time. That alone is enough to convince anyone to make the switch. That calls for a campaign in which the charger is central. And one that shows what role this magical box can play in an electric lifestyle.

The idea. All the energy you need, always within reach.

Recharging is easy. We do it every night. While we sleep, everything happens to make sure you are ready to perform again the next day. It is almost automatic. And recharging your car can be just as easy. Plug in, charge, plug out and go. Easee does the rest. To demonstrate this we have produced a stylish commercial in which the sleek design and ease of use of Easee catches the eye in an almost magical way.

The result. A campaign that energises you

The core of the campaign consists of three striking commercials. A cinematic tour de force in which a lot happens at once, but in which the Easee car charger acts as a stylish centrepiece. In the transition from evening to morning, we see various people using the car charger to recharge their EVs, and themselves. Accompanied by a sensual voice-over and a tingling synthwave soundtrack that sends a wave of energy telling you that the #1 car charger from Norway is now available in the Netherlands.

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