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Our heart starts beating a little bit faster for many brands we work for. But for Tomasu, it is safe to say our heart makes a proper jump. For the creators of - in our humble opinion - the best soy sauce in the world, we proudly developed a brand-new web shop.

Because. Tomasu deserves a proper stage.

Tomasu is the only European microbrewery of soy sauce and finds its origins in Rotterdam. The team behind Tomasu is constantly looking for ways to improve the product and the way it is produced, while striving to maintain the best quality possible. They do so by carefully optimizing all steps in the brewing process, from the innovative regenerative agricultural methods to the fermentation process on 50-year-old barrels. This mindset does not only lead to the most delicious soy sauce in the world. It also creates a world of stories. Stories that deserve a stage.

The idea. Space for the product.

The previous website of Tomasu was already a few years old, it was time for an update. To make sure to show the product and corresponding stories in the best light possible, we designed a spacious, modern, and responsive web shop. With plenty of space for photography and video, truly putting the product in the spotlights.

The Result. A refreshed brand on a new website.

The new web shop functions as a pedestal. A website on which the products of Tomasu are ordered within an instance, but also the fascinating stories about the brewing process and the special collaborations are to be discovered. Want to know how you can use Tomasu in a Michelin star worthy way? The recipe section offers an overview of the most delicious recipes. All in all, the result is a site worthy of this unique product.

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