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To acquaint the general public with the most personal and accessible online car seller of the Netherlands. Bynco is a young enterprise which wholly commits itself to helping people buy the right car. For the first time, in 2022, the brand introduces itself on a large scale to the Dutch market. And we are helping them with that.

Reason. Buying a car online is fun

At Bynco, you buy the right car online in way that is fun. That sounds like a given, but this not the case. For a lot of people buying a car online is stressful. Bynco wants you to be able to make one of your biggest purchases of your life and feel good and proud about it. So that you can drive happily around but also that you choose and buy a car with full confidence and joy.

Using this vision and ambition as our starting post, we developed the brand strategy for this fledgling brand and created the first national awareness campaign.

Big idea. Bynco helpt je écht op weg (Bynco really helps you on your way)

At Bynco people come first and people make all the difference. Our sellers are advisers who are outspoken and honest. And make what you find complex comprehensible. At Bynco it is all about the car you want buy and we are there for you throughout the whole process. This is how we make a difference and how we really help you on your way.

To introduce Bynco nationally, we chose to highlight the personal and expert assistance. To couple proof to promise. We want that the Netherlands gets to Bynco as sympathetic, interested and thoughtful. Uncomplicated and knowledgeable.

Outcome. Diverse and consistent awareness

We developed three stories around the three main insecurities of customers and the promises of Bynco which oppose that.

The stories are a sum wherein the expressions are diverse and contain various brand element yet stay consistent, all adding up to one brand experience.

Bynco Commercial Beeld 1
Bynco Commercial Beeld 2
Bynco Commercial Beeld 3
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