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Hiring new people has become increasingly time consuming and inefficient. Born05 Ventures partnered with a startup that has the mission to change the recruitment industry forever. The result? Reqruut: an online recruitment service that brings hiring managers and recruiters closer together. Its purpose: making recruiting easy, efficient, and more affordable.

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Insights. Making recruitment easy for everyone

When it comes to hiring new people, employers are often limited to the networks of individual recruiters. And even so, they still need to spend hours on advertising, negotiations, intakes, and feedback. At the same time, lots of recruiters struggle to find the perfect place for their (niche) candidates. Long story short: a breath of fresh air was needed in the recruitment industry. Born05 Ventures started working on a smart infrastructure, an appealing visual identity, and automated hiring process. By combining technology with friendly human interaction, Reqruut is set out to make recruitment more efficient (and also more affordable) for both sides of the party.

Product. Combining hundreds of recruitment networks

As co-founders of Reqruut, Born05 developed a platform that automates the most labor and time intensive parts of the hiring process. Companies can easily place their vacancy and set a reward fee for the recruiter that finds the right person for the job. By connecting not one, but hundreds of networks of specialized recruiters, the chance of a finding that person will be greatly increased. And with an automated email system in place, companies can select and invite the preferred candidates with just a click. This saves valuable time for companies and recruiters alike.

Strategy. Growing into a sustainable business

During the validation stage, Reqruut gained a lot of positive attention from freelance recruiters and boutiques. Based on the data that was gathered, Born05 Ventures started building a marketplace to bring employers and recruiters closer together. But in order to launch an MVP with a solid foundation, we first helped onboarding over 100 recruiters to the platform. A data-driven marketing strategy was also used to polish Reqruut’s unique proposition in the best way possible. The next steps? Launching the full service, growing Reqruut in a sustainable business, and changing the recruitment industry as we know it!

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