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Just like any year, in 2022 radio station 538 paid dozens of their listeners’ bills. It’s the first time that we could tackle this classic campaign. Where in 2021 538 settled the score with the previous year with ‘Hierrr met je rekening’ (HMJR), in 2022 we focused on the listeners and how the DJs listen, empathise and… help!

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Because. 538 is compassionate

538 is a unique hit station, who lives right in the centre of its listeners’ world. This year, HJMR is more about the stories behind the bills rather than the amounts that 538 pays. And the DJs are equal with the entrants. That’s why they are already there at the moments where it all goes wrong and really empathise with the listeners.

The idea. Oehh… Aahhh…

The 538 DJs empathise with the listeners and take action! By paying the bills, of course. But also, by helping them tell their stories as well or funny as possible. To help them set things right, or simply: listen to them. We see the shared suffering in the commercial, the DJs are sitting in the front row when it goes wrong, and we hear their reactions. Oehh… Aahhh…

Result. Thousands of bills with a story

For three weeks the campaign coloured the radio broadcasts. With call-to-actions and of course the stories of the listeners in the shows. Amusing, funny and sometimes emotional and beautiful. From dogs to dishwashers (luckily the dog’s tale had a happy end) to a story of woman who due to chemotherapy had to buy a wig with the money she had saved for her son’s new bicycle.

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Discovered. Uncommon stories.

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