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Brand Design JDE Douwe Egberts

Art Direction
Arjan Benning Studios

Often a photo is worth a thousand words. But sometimes images need words to paint the entire picture and to reveal all the work that went into them. As is the case with the visual brand identity for L’OR. A dazzling set of images, quintessential to the new L’OR positioning.


Reason. ‘Captivating multisensorial experiences’

Established in France in 1992, the ambition of L’OR has always been to offer the best coffee in the world. The premium coffee brand aims to deliver ‘captivating multisensorial experiences’. To communicate this philosophy L’OR needed a global visual communication strategy. A set of brand assets and images for on and offline purposes that follow strict visual principles and cover a variety of brand related themes. Even if you leave out the brand name each picture must unmistakably be L’OR.

Big idea. Diving into the soul of L’OR EspressO

To digitally mirror a brand's purpose it is necessary to dive deep into its soul. Just taking a bunch of gorgeous pictures won’t cut it. So, even the smallest details have to be rationalized and sketched out beforehand. Months of hard work went into capturing the soul of L’OR. Including a trip through Colombia, weeks in Arjan Benning’s photo studio and hours of photo editing. ‘The Art of Making…’

Outcome. A perfect representation

Looking at the final L’OR pictures it’s hard to fathom the amount of work that went into each of them. That’s a good sign. It shows that all end results feel natural – as if they’ve existed for years. The L’OR team has managed to create something of the highest standards. Premium images and assets that will perfectly represent the L’OR brand wherever they’re shown or distributed.

And just like with a beautiful painting, they get even more impressive if you know the story behind them.

The use of L’OR color contrast, golden tones, heavy shading and layered settings, create immersive images that are instantly recognizable.

Over the course of a year we completed a comprehensive visual L’ORidentity


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