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It is with great enthusiasm that we share the new brand campaign for AFAS Software, one of the giants in ERP software in the Netherlands. The campaign is based on the promise: Success starts with AFAS. From modest applause to receiving the official key to the city. Nothing is impossible with AFAS Software. Born05 is proud to have developed the strategy, concept and production.

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AFAS Software delivers what it promises: you start working smarter as soon as you use AFAS Software. No more piles of paper or millions of post-its. With the digital product that AFAS Software offers, companies work more efficiently, which undeniably leads to more work happiness. And we all know that work happiness is the first step to greater success.

The idea.

Success starts with AFAS. Seeing that Jonas, an administrative assistant at a small company. When work piles up, he needs a lifeline. Inspired by a billboard, he steps into the world of AFAS Software and his thoughts wander as his world magically changes. This eventually results in Jonas being honoured as a local celebrity at various venues.

The result.

The commercial, as part of a national campaign, is not to be missed. With additional outdoor advertising and podcast ads, all of the Netherlands will know that success for businesses starts with using the right software. And the Jonas character doesn't stop there. He will be fully embraced by AFAS Software and will make further appearances in different situations. For instance, the Jonas character will become an AI chatbot assistant from AFAS for existing customers, to help them when needed. And a fun fun-fact: Did you know that all the extras in the commercial are employees of AFAS Software? That also shows the character of the brand and company: a great group of positive individuals who move mountains for their customers.

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