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Dutch Cocktail Club

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During the lockdown, the people behind the Rum Club came up with something new and fresh. Premium cocktail solutions for every catering establishment. This way, any bar, beach club or restaurant can serve a fresh Pornstar Martini, Bring me back to bali or Negroni even without specialists. The product was successfully launched, but now it was time for the next step. Growth at home and abroad. With a clear brand, identity and new name.

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Because. You do want to stand out in a crowded market.

By definition, the hospitality market is a market that keeps innovating. Where new competitors are added every day, but where your own brand is also at the mercy of different locations. Then it is essential to be a unified brand. To create recognisability And im further grow and also develop new products or services.

The idea. Dutch Cocktail Club.

The next step for a young brand. With a new name: Dutch Cocktail Club. Built on Dutch heritage, ready to conquer the world. And with a fresh identity you can instantly call a classic. With elements based on iconic glasses and a colour palette that fits and stands out in any establishment.

The result. Taste the joy of life!

A rebranding full of sophistication and class, to celebrate life. With a different flavour for each cocktail, that still feels like one club. Warm colours that embrace the vibrancy and ambiance of the brand. And a sophisticated touch with lines that make your cocktail come alive. Uniformly executed on the bottles, social, website, right down to the stickers and boxes.

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