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In a world of excess, Porsche is on the lookout for scarcity. That isn’t there for the taking. To find the unusual, you have to seek it out. You have to want to discover it. Porsche has always done this. So, when the brand gave itself the mission to make the hearts of new generations jump by seeing a Porsche, it didn’t look for a customary but an uncommon solution.

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Because. The new generations must also love Porsche

Porsche targets the future generation Porsche driver and wants to build a sustainable relationship with them. For decades, the brand has been a huge source of inspiration for various generations. To make the ambitious entrepreneurs and creatives feel connected to the brand, Porsche invests in its own digital brand environment where extraordinary stories are the focus.

With this vision and ambition, we designed and built Discovered.

The Idea. Years of inspiration

A digital lifestyle magazine for the ambitious Dutchmen. In which horsepower, motors or roadability aren’t discussed. Rather, it’s about the fresh creatives and ambitious entrepreneurs who are realising their dreams. To build a long-term relationship with them, we developed Discovered as an owned channel. So that we can really build our own community and that Porsche has control over all the data.

Result. A new digital lifestyle magazine

Porsche is not a mode of transportation, but an experience. Discovered is that too. Not a flat, standardised environment where you just consume stories. But fully geared towards the genuine experience of the stories that we bring. Where audio, video, photography, motion and tekst work together flawlessly and make everyone’s visit extraordinary.

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Scale-up Branding

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