The sound of a century: 100 years in New York City

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2019 is a special year for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, marking its 100 year existence. A milestone like that calls for reflection and celebration. Not just for KLM itself, but also for iFly KLM Magazine, who’s been inspiring KLM customers to travel for over 12 years. In honor of the centennial aviator we teamed up with a centenarian to see what it’s like to have 100 years of experience.

Reason. Celebrate the past and future

It’s impossible to imagine what will happen in the next 100 years, just as it was unimaginable in 1919 to predict what happened in the past 100 years. Fact is; when you exist for 100 years you’ve seen and experienced more than 99,99% of people living today. Looking back at your past gives you a clear idea of what you think is important for the future. KLM celebrates by looking back at their legacy and expressing their vision for a customer centred, sustainable future. When a person does the same they will share with you their life lessons.

Big idea. Recommended by a centenarian

iFly KLM Magazine loves to show you where to go. We’ve been all over the world and we have a pretty good idea about what to recommend. But we’re also open to suggestions, especially from locals, the people that know all the ins and outs about a destination. What if you were told what to do and where to go by someone who’s seen it all? Someone who has seen the world change just as much as KLM in the past 100 years? What if we could show you what the greatest city in the world looks like through the eyes of a centenarian?

Outcome. The sound of a century

We set out to find a resident of New York who has lived there for 100 years, to ask them what it is that makes visiting this city worthwhile. We found 100 year old Sarah Aarons. A true New Yorker who has seen the city change into the famous metropolis it is today. As a professional singer her primary reason to visit New York is loud and clear: music! According to Sarah, music is what makes the heart of New York tick. We captured her ode to New York in a stunning video portrait. Showing us that when you figure out what’s truly important, even a century of experience can be brought back to the bare essentials.

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For many people, visiting in New York is a once in a lifetime experience, for me it’s been a lifetime

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