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KLM’s award-winning digital magazine iFly keeps passengers inspired between flights. Reaching ten million readers in more than 40 countries, it is a customer retention tool that builds the relationship with KLM and excites passengers with reasons to travel. It is a constant source of inspiration on the customer journey.

With an incredible amount of exciting content iFly offers something for everyone. From general inspiration to help you find your next destination, to specific tips and insights about the place you’re travelling to.


Enagement between flights

Choice of airline is often driven by price and convenience, so building loyalty to a brand is key to customer retention. But there can be long gaps between flights, during which the relationship fades. To strengthen its connection with customers and inspire them to choose KLM next time they fly, the airline and Born05 developed iFly KLM. It does more than simply push sales and offers, but engages passengers and builds an emotional connection in line with KLM’s overarching strategy of ‘journey of inspiration’. It is highly social, so can be easily shared, and helps to enrich the data profiles of passengers.


From editions to selections

iFly KLM Magazine was first published in 2009. Since then more than 50 editions have been published (celebrated with special edition called iFly50). All these magazines have accumulated into an incredible amount of content. Hundreds of beautiful stories full of practical information have been carefully stored and archived in our databases. And every day new stories are added. This opens a world of opportunities. iFly KLM Magazine becomes a platform full of dynamic content aimed at specific groups. Editions become selections… Relevant themed magazines, built around one country, city, interest or even time of year, can be distributed through different channels to reach new targeted audiences. This omni channel approach, with a unique distribution model, optimizes the reach of iFly KLM Magazine and thus KLM’s destinations.


Strikingly visually

iFly KLM Magazine is published in Dutch, English and German, and the original content is highly visual, dynamic and interactive. Bright and compelling images are used to accentuate destinations, with snappy and suggestive features. High impact photography adds to the magazine’s dynamic, as does its interactive nature.
Born05 creates all content. Customised music is produced for each item, games and maps are built, reporters are sent across the globe for travel stories, all video is originally commissioned, and inspiring interviewees are carefully selected for a worldly international audience.


Visitors can scroll endlessly through and array of stumble-upon articles. The rich and responsive lay-out doesn’t distract from the quality content and the stories never end; there’s always something new and relevant awaiting at the bottom. iFly KLM Magazine is built upon a modular structure. It’s made up of numerous interactive modules and tiles that can be layered into perfect combinations. This way each story or selection can be created dynamically to fit one targeted group or goal. This lengthens the average engagement time per visitor and intensifies the user experience. That in turn leads to more brand awareness, conversion to KLM and more repeat visits.


Video profiles are a key part of iFly KLM, with short films about how inspiring locals experience their home destination. We might fly to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Fukuoka, Kiev and Kigali, and visit designers in Paris or an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Travel features might include a day-by-day itinerary to one of the world’s great cities, or an inspiring collection of themed hotels around the globe. As a whole, iFly KLM shows how interactive storytelling and rich content can create a compelling and inspirational experience.

The evolution of iFly KLM Magazine

The editorial format has developed over time. At first, we were ‘the wise uncle’, sharing stories from a distance. Then we become more personal, revealing our reporters and letting local experts curate content and tell unique stories about their destinations.We’ve also changed our design perspectives. In the early days, we designed most of the feature spreads in a horizontal fashion. But eventually, we let the content do all the talking, with full-screen photography and video that doesn’t compromise the playfulness of our user interaction.



Born05 and KLM have been creating iFly KLM Magazine for years and years now. Via email and social channels the magazine reaches more than 8 million people. Average reading time per visitor? Well over 7 minutes. Content sharing figures are above 10% and on average iFly readers spend 35% more information with the airline than non-readers. The magazine’s therefor an invaluable resource for understanding the dreams of (future) KLM passengers.

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