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Time to diversify

For years, Born05 worked closely together with – the biggest online retailer of the Benelux – to optimize’s weblog: Uitgelicht (Spotlight). And with success: Uitgelicht became a platform with millions of stories, 2.1 million unique visitors and an impressive 3-minute engagement time.

A whopping 4,4 million visitors a year and an incredible three minute average engagement time per visitor… has met all expectations. Since its conception in 2013 Born05 has been working closely together with to optimize, redesign and strengthen the Inspiration Platform. In only three years has become a popular platform with tons of stories about everything from dishwashers and smartphones to games and books. It received several prestigious awards and is now ready for a new chapter: Stijl Magazine (Style Magazine).


The original Inspiration Platform has generated loads of ‘Big Data’ on how to successfully present branded content to a large audience. So it’s time to diversify! As we all know, relevance is key when it comes to content. The more focus the merrier. So In the coming months will spawn several totally new platforms, claiming different domains and targeting specific readers. Each platform caters to a different acquired taste. Beauty lovers, gadgets geeks, book worms – all will have a magazine of their own. It’s even possible to develop ‘pop-up’ platforms to jump onto a trending topic like Christmas of Back to School. The first new platform is Stijl Magazine (Style Magazine). A ‘glossy’ online magazine that offers beauty inspiration, reviews, convenient online shopping and so on.all about beauty and style.

With stijl magazine being the debut, we make sure beauty lovers find everything they need here. Beauty inspiration, reviews and convenient online shopping: it all comes together in stijl magazine.



A contemporary beauty platform without influencers, is as a nail polish without topcoat (to remain in the correct terminology). Make-up artist and beauty director of stijl magazine Xelly Cabau van Kasbergen provides a weekly glimpse in her world, sharing trends and tips.

There are also interviews in which stars like Dua Lipa reveal beauty secrets or the latest it-models show their morning hair-routine.

Reviews, how-to and win

What’s the best way to buy perfume online? How-to get raspberry red summer lips? What are the beauty favorites of the editorial team? And should you run to the store for the new Dior mascara? Stijl Magazine offers practical answers to all the questions. Tutorials, reviews, trends, beauty news, you name it. Plus: every month a goodie bag packed with beauty products is given to one lucky winner. The first one is designed by Spijkers en Spijkers and contains must-haves like Marc Jacobs perfume and Sally Hanson nail polish.

Modular structure

All platforms have a modular structure consisting of interactive modules, so we can easily unroll them to different domains.

Always in season

When it comes to the design of stijl magazine, it is all about fresh ‘in season’ colors and plenty of space for stunning photography and videos.

Visual identity

The look and feel is recognizable from the homepage, but each platform has its own look at the same time. This way, we can stretch’s visual identity.

As easy as…

SImagine yourself lying in an infinity pool. The water keeps flowing over the side, but you remain fully submerged. That’s just how Stijl Magazine works. Visitors can scroll endlessly through and array of stumble-upon articles. The clean design doesn’t distract from the quality content and the stories never end; there’s always something new and relevant awaiting at the bottom. This lengthens the average engagement time per visitor and intensifies the user experience. That in turn leads to more brand awareness, conversion to and more repeat visits.



While being surrounded by beauty bloggers, fashionistas and celebrities, we launched stijl magazine. Of course we did this ‘in style’, during the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam: the world’s fashion and beauty heart for a week.

A successful launch and a striking new magazine: yet, this is only the beginning. We are already working on new platforms so we can build, together with, on their ambition and expand their online publications.

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