What day is today?

National campaign for caregivers

Once a year it’s Caregivers Day in The Netherlands. Every day hundreds of thousands of people face the daily consequences of serious illnesses and diseases. As patients or as caregivers. As a nation we give attention to our caregivers on this particular day. By emphasizing their importance for instance and by recognizing their wonderful work.

Being the nation’s online platform for all caregivers for people with dementia, we wanted to reach out to our specific heroes. Not just by addressing their importance, we also wanted to create the possibility that people in their surroundings could give them something. A personal encouragement, with a little present. Something symbolizing that they are not forgotten.

That’s how we came up with a beautiful little story about a caregiver who takes care of his little son in the morning, works during the day, and cares for his father suffering from dementia in the evening.
His son and father ask him the same question: ‘What day is it today?’. One simple question, coming from two totally different backgrounds.

The story shows that caregivers take upon various roles during a regular day. In this loving story caregivers feel recognized. And we decided to address the people in their surroundings to ‘not forget them’ on this day. By creating the possibility to send them a special Forget-me-not pin accompanied by a personal message.

Day of the caregiver campaign video (Dutch)


Via the platform, the owned media of Alzheimer Nederland, and a small social advertising budget we were able to reach 266.000 people of whom 6.112 ordered a Forget-me-not pin. On top of that hundreds of positive reactions were shared via Facebook and Twitter.

05th Dec 2017

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