The Kick #16

Breaking the rules

No guts, no glory

For the sixteenth edition of The Kick we opened up the stage for four entrepreneurs who know what it’s like to swim against the current. They broke the rules and received a reward instead of a fine.

This is The Kick

The Kick is about three Utrecht-based agencies – Greenberry, Kaliber and us – who decided to collaborate and organize an event for Utrecht’s creative sector. Once every three months we pick a location, a theme, four pioneering speakers and offer them ten minutes to tell their story. For this edition, we gathered at De Pyth, the place where the States of Utrecht, the eyes and ears of the region, gather.

The speakers

These are the ‘bad guys’ who told us how they broke the rules.

#1 Michiel de Gooijer – BrightVibes


Positivity is what makes the world go round

Michiel used to work at a variety of corporate multinationals and noticed that they all have one thing in common: they impact the world, but generally in a negative way. Michiel didn’t want to be a part of that and decided to break the rules: “My aim in life is to have a positive impact on everyone I meet, both personally as in business. BrightVibes is the embodiment of my ambitions; we share, create and cause contagiously inspiring stories for a positive impact.” So, as an opposing force to the daily torrent of negative news that leaves people numb, BrightVibes puts (famous) positive change makers in the spotlights, to inspire everybody to do something good. This approach has already paid off. Since the birth of Michiel’s brainchild in 2015, the Bright Vibes Facebook page went from 0 to 430.000 fans. Better still: within 90 days, their video’s received a combined result of more than 100.000.000 views. No wonder those multinationals are standing in line for the BrightVibes treatment.

#2 Hugo van der Spek – Peerby


Sharing is caring

What if you’re in desperate need of a drilling machine or a leaf blower, but you don’t have one? You can buy it, but that’s expensive and might be a waste of money, unless you’re going to use it daily. Fortunately, there’s Peerby, a company founded by youngsters who ordered pizza’s and cokes and started working out their rule-breaking vision for the future: a shared economy in which consumers don’t buy and own products, but borrow them. To realize their vision, Peerby developed an app and recently launched their second platform, called Peerby Go. This platform lets you rent products from people nearby, including delivery and pick-up service. Smart thinking, because sharing is caring – and a lot cheaper too.

#3 Bart van Poll – Spotted by Locals


Going local, down in Acapulco

We’re going on a trip to Madrid, so we’ve bought our self a nice city guide – just like everyone else that’s travelling to the Spanish capitol. So once we get there, we’re all staring at the same monuments, wandering around in the same museums and eating in the same restaurants. Nothing wrong with that, but what if you can discover Madrid from a local’s point of view and enjoy a completely different experience? That’s what Bart van Poll, an avid traveler, thought (and experienced) before he came up with Spotted by Locals. He was tired of being a sheep and decided to become a shepherd. Bart traveled around the world, made contact with locals and asked them to contribute to his new platform and app. Now, Spotted by Locals is a household name in the ‘local travelling scene’ because of a vast network of 380 locals, spread out over 66 cities. And thanks to their tips, maps and city guides you can break the rules – just like bad boy Bart – and enjoy a foreign destination in a whole other way. As for us, we’re going local, down in Acapulco.

#4 Victor van Tol – Snappcar


O Victor, where are thou?

Unfortunately, Victor couldn’t be there because the flu took its tol(l).

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22nd Nov 2016

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