Motion not only captivates and directs attention, it also has the ability to evoke any desired emotion. When I joined the Born05 team in 2015 I immediately started with a weekly mail that addressed different aspects in the field of motion graphics. This mail-to-all quickly transformed into a blog which recently hit it’s 100th edition, and has just become a monthly contribution in Adformatie. A great excuse to share my all time greatest ‘Monday Motions’ with you.


5. Infomercials

Every commercial is selling a product or service, but there is a subgenre which is more explaining than selling. These so called infomercials need to simplify the story which is mostly done by graphical motion and that’s where you trigger a light in me.

If you’re also a sucker for infomercials continue watching over here.

4. Audio Driven

Can you imagine a block buster movie without sound? The impact of audio is often undervalued. It was time to put my fellow audio designers on a pedestal with a set of commercials that lean heavily on rhythm and sound effects.

I love this category so much that I’ve made a second edition of audio driven.

3. Split Screen

Another common misinterpretation is that big impact is only reached with big special effects (and dito budget). One of the oldest and simplest tricks is the split screen and it hasn’t lost it’s power.

2. Stop motion

I’ve always been a sucker for stop motion. It’s accessible for all ages and skill levels plus it communicates devotion and detail. No matter how precise you work, you always leave your mark. These human flaws left behind on real materials are almost impossible to achieve in CGI. A must read for every motion fan.

Guess what… I didn’t stop with one edition.

1. X-mas countdown

I’m a person who can play Christmas music all year long! Apparently I’m not the only fan of the Merry Season. Every retailer has marked the month of december to go all out. The campaigns of John Lewis and Sainsbury’s in particular are threats I look forward to all year. Join the Christmas spirit with these lovely gifts of motion.

Have yourself some more merry motion and check out the 2015 edition.

What’s your favourite?

That’s it for my personal top 5. If you’re up for 95+ more editions, or if you’re looking for a specific one check out the complete overview. Otherwise see you next Monday for a fresh edition.

07th Sep 2017

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