Hackathon 2017

Born05 140 seconds film festival

Born05 Hackathons really don’t need explaining. Our annual creative pressure cookers are designed to catch us off guard and to push us to the limits. This year’s Hackathon was nothing short of legendary. Ten teams of three Born05’ers received one task: create a 140 second movie, based on a mysterious little script, in one day. And boy, did they deliver.

Ten sets full of professional camera gear and ten different 140 character scripts full of gibberish. The Born05 Hackathon organizers are masters of giving only the bare necessities. But hey, things have to be challenging right? Short story short: ten crews went their ways to write, film and direct their movie of exactly 140 seconds. No more, no less. Oh, and it had to be accompanied by an actual movie poster. At 19.00 hours all video’s had to be edited and sent to the organization.


Dinner and premiere

As an agency Born05 produces and creates all kinds of video productions. But of course not all Born05’ers are video specialists. Each team just had to make due. After all vids were sent in, it was time for dinner at Born05 headquarters, followed by a stroll through Utrecht. The smartly dressed actors, directors and camera men/women arrived at Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt, where big ‘Born05 140 Festival’ banners proudly decorated the entrance. It was time to hit the red carpet, smile to the paparazzi and take a seat in front of the big screen. Ten absolutely brilliant video’s where about to premiere…

And the winner is…

Every Hackathon needs a winner. So without further ado: this year’s trophy went to Team 7, who managed to translate their script into something very ingenious and hilarious. Congratulations Iris, Robbert and Sjors. Your little gem will be played in Tuschinski, Amsterdam! Below you can watch the winning video as well as the creations of the numbers 2 and 3. Because they were awesome too.

#1 – Spiegelbeeld

The Script
I can’t escape myself. I see myself everywhere. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors wherever I look. See me! What is going on? What is it you all see?

By Iris, Sjors en Robbert

#2 – Inner Idol

The Script
Panta rei, but I’m standing still. I can be who I want. Look at him. Yes, I want to be him. Even if it’s the last thing I do, I will be him.

By Fred, Marijn en Harm

#3 – Shockdoc – Koprollers

The Script
The veins are knocking visibly. Eyes wide open. Utmost concentration. Breathing stops. Now? Is the road clear? Here it comes: the head roll.

By Tim, Marnix en Roel

27th Jun 2017

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