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'Vereniging Rembrandt' might be one of Holland's best kept secrets. Museums that want to buy a special work of art can turn to Vereniging Rembrandt. The association has been active since 1883 and is tireless in its endeavor to stand up for and contribute to the Dutch public art collection as a whole. During the years it has gathered an abundance of beautiful stories. All that was needed was an online brand experience that would unlock all these stories.

Reason. Taking history into the digital age

Vereniging Rembrandt was in the midst of a digital transformation and needed a partner in developing a digital strategy and a new online platform. A platform that would appeal to members and sympathizers of the association, but would also optimize the recruitment of new members. In addition, the association wanted to showcase its story better and more confidently. This led to a new strategy for refined story-telling and a distinctive visual design.

Big idea. Face to face with Rembrandt

During the creating of an all encompassing UX a choice was made to 'break' Vereniging Rembrandt's platform website in half. One part focusses on informing visitors about the ins and outs of the association and show them the inspired members behind it. The second part aims the spotlights at the art works and the stories behind the masterpieces. Through an ingenious visual identity and smart cross-connections visitors are seduced to read more special stories. This way they really start to feel connected to the association that supported the purchases of all the works of art.

Outcome. A new appreciation of art

The total redesign and development of the new site has catapulted Vereniging Rembrandt from the 19th century into the 21st century. With this new site, the association has the means to tell its extraordinary stories and to take member recruitment to the next level. For Born05 the project was a a great chance to contribute to the goals of Vereniging Rembrandt and, in a way, to enrich The Netherlands with a new appreciation of art and history.

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