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KPN is the largest telecom provider in the Netherlands, with a very long heritage. It’s also rapidly changing into a modern, innovative company that is leading in its domain. The new corporate website needs to reflect what KPN stands for. The company’s purpose, ambitions and services should be told clearly and more importantly: in a way that appeals to a broad B2B audience. In short, the corporate website needed to be in the now. As a long time partner of KPN, Born05 was responsible for the entire project: from the first strategic blue print and UX to designing all static visuals, creating all content and frontend development in a custom-made CMS.

Reason. Spatial awareness, intuitive information

A big company like KPN has a lot to tell. This almost automatically results in a corporate website with loads of pages and articles. To help visitors navigate through this vast web of information, we used the design and ux principles of spatial awareness. Pages on the highest level are visually rich with imagery, video and animations; pages on a lower level have a clean and spacial design. This help visitors find there information intuitively.

Big idea. Let the beautiful content/context shine

The core of the new site are KPN’s five main themes. Each of these themes has a rich landing page. Here is explained why the topic is important to KPN and how the company operates in this specific field. A second goal of these thematic pages is to provide context to the daily news within a certain field. This way visitors can read news articles embedded in an environment with other relevant information. For example, when KPN reports about a 10 year green energy contract, visitors can see this is part of a broader context: it’s not a stand-alone event, but part of years of efforts and a structural sustainability strategy.

Outcome. More traffic and pride

The new website shows what KPN is today. The company wanted to be a front runner with this site in its field of operation. Others should judge whether this site succeeds in these ambitions. But what this site did achieve, is generating more traffic. And, last but not least, it fuels the pride of KPN-employees feel for their ‘own’ company.

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A thematic layered approach provides clear context and navigation



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