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#1. Living with Bears
#2. The Outside
#3. The Total Collapse
#4. The Muse from Buenos Aires
#5. Remdemption in India
#6. The Hand of God

Would it be possible to offer people a travel experience without actually flying them to a destination? The answer is ‘yes’. But only if you’re able to really engage and captivate your audience with your content and medium. KLM’s original podcast series ‘The Journey’, about trips that changed everything, do just that. Branded podcasts… A powerful communication tool. When done right.


Reason. Imagination aviation

KLM’s brand purpose is ‘Moving your world by creating memorable experiences’. KLM’s core-business is obviously to fly its clients to worlds most special places. From a marketing-communication perspective the main strategy is to reach and captivate audiences with previews of possible destinations. But, there’s also an enormous potential in content that focuses on the power of travel in itself. Content that shows how valuable and inspiring travel can be on an individual level.

Big Idea. The trip that changed everything

‘The Journey’ does not only match KLM’s brand purpose, it also underlines KLM’s pioneering spirit. The first ever branded podcast for the Dutch airline is a high-quality production that gives listeners an immersive listening experience. It tells true stories of people and the journey that changed their lives. Listeners are transported to the icy plains of Alaska, the hectic streets of New Delhi, the remote inlands of Kenya and many more. ‘The Journey’ is available on all major podcast platforms, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play.

Outcome. Worldwide free publicity

The podcast market is developing at a very high pace. KLM embraced this new and innovative way of storytelling in an early stage and is now visible in channels and on platforms where it never was before. This allows the brand to connect with audiences in new environments and markets. Since the launch in March 2018 the listener base grows continuously. In the weeks after the launch media worldwide reported about KLM’s podcast. The free publicity and attention confirmed KLM’s pioneering spirit and helped to establish the brand value of innovation.

‘The Journey’ is available on all major podcast platforms, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play.


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