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Are you a start-up? A scale-up? Or a brand leader looking to grow? Our in-house Venture Studio is what you need. Solving human problems with innovative digital solutions that create sustainable business growth is what we are good at. Curious what we can do for you? Take a look at the services we have to offer.

Who we help

  1. You’re a pre-launch startup

    That needs an investment and a flexible hands-on team for creative and strategic advice, product building, branding and marketing.

  2. You’re an early stage business

    Looking to bring on branding and marketing expertise to optimize a product market fit and to catalyze sustainable growth.

  3. You’re a scale-up

    That needs strategic and creative services for more professional brand communication, marketing and growth strategies.

  4. You’re a brand leader

    That needs strategic and creative services and flexible resources for corporate innovation such as new propositions or products & services.

  5. You’re an investor

    You’re interested in participating in one of our ventures or one of the ventures in your own portfolio ventures need help.

We invest with creative capital

We combine 15 years of brand leader level strategy, creativity, technology, branding and marketing experience with lean venture building expertise. Investing with what we call “creative capital”. This means that instead of just investing with money from VC firms, we also put our creative, strategic expertise ànd production labor at your disposal in return for equity or paid services. For some this is known as “sweat equity”.

Through this model we’re able to offer founders more than only strategic coaching or cash. We actually create and build strong brands and products and focus on measurable traction. As a co-partner we have the the drive to create maximum effectivity as efficiently as possible. Therefore making it easier for founders to set up a proven business.

Of course you can also chose to work through paid-for services (paid by the hour) or a combination of both.

Expertise at every phase

By working with us founders get access to an extensive pool of high-end expertise and flexible resources. Expertise that is needed to build state of the art digital products & services and to develop excellent branding and marketing. Giving them the possibility to grow from idea to scale-up and beyond. This way we are making it easier and more efficient for founders to accelerate growth without having to recrute their own staff.

Help me to discover

We explore trends, markets and user needs to find and validate insights with business potential.

Help me to (re)design

We employ ‘Design Thinking’; a collaborative, human-centered, and iterative approach to problem-solving that enables us to come up with products that people love to use.

Help me to build it

We are dedicated to craft the products we come up with. Either as part of external Agile team or with an in-house team.

Help me to launch it

We develop identities, take care of the branding, brand positioning, (data driven) and marketing & PR and optimize communication. Creating awareness and optimize conversion is also part of the deal.

Help me to scale and sustain it

We scale and optimize products, marketing and branding in order to reach a new stage of maturity and ensure sustainable growth.


  1. Discovery & research
  2. Validation & experiments
  3. Design Thinking
  4. Digital products & services
  5. Protoyping
  6. Brand communication
  7. Branding & identity
  8. Growth marketing
  9. Social Media
  10. Media & PR

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1 exit





It all starts with chemistry

Nothing is more important for success than the chemistry between partners. Becoming shareholders is like a marriage. We believe that founders must always be on the steering wheel while creating their business and organization. And we’re a perfect partner on the hipster and hacker front. To get to know each other a little better we always start with a smaller project and an actual deliverable, such as a prototype or experiment. Consider it a first date. This helps us to connect, see if there is a click and realise a stronger partnership in the end.

In the media


Presenting our Hybrid Journey Model at the Digital Marketing Live!

Born05's managing director, Ed, presenting our Hybrid Journey Model at the Digital Marketing Live! in Amsterdam. Mixing charisma with graphs!


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