Office Manager

Full time

We have a confession to make. For many years now Born05 has been a well-oiled, sharp-shooting, mega efficient and award-winning creative agency. Day in day out some 60 highly talented (and sometimes downright crazy) colleagues fly through the offices in search of fame and glory. Deadlines, brainstorms, scrums, presentations, writer’s blocks, stand-ups… A lot of times we’re happy to just make it through the day in one piece.

We have one invaluable force to thank for that. Without that invisible powerhouse all things would fall apart in an instant.

And no we’re not exaggerating. The Office Manager is a really important position at Born05. One way or another, everything that goes on in our offices is linked to our Office Manager. The list of tasks and requirements therefore is absolutely endless. It’s probably the longest list for any of our colleagues. So get your scroll finger ready… Here we go!


Your job:

  • Opening and inspecting Born05 headquarters (every day before sunrise);
  • Hosting and entertaining our visitors (clients, suppliers, mailmen etc.);
  • Answering and or redirecting phone calls, and e-mails via;
  • Managing and keeping stock of all possible office supplies;
  • Feeding our pet tarantula;
  • Haha, just joking;
  • Ordering the daily lunch and of course massive amounts of snacks and candy;
  • Arranging presents for birthdays, anniversaries, new born babies, farewell parties and all other festivities we come up with;
  • Managing the agenda for the conference rooms and making sure they’re always tidy and provided with cookies and blue M&M’s;
  • Keeping track of the company Audi and taking it to the car wash when it starts to smell;
  • Oh and this one’s important: keeping the coffee machines (on both floors) operating at all times;
  • Cleaning up after lunch and maintaining not one, not two, but three dish washers;
  • Taking care of the entire interior decoration;
  • Supporting all kinds of video production jobs, like returning cameras, microphones and props;
  • Planning and preparing all our parties (getting booze and snacks, decorating the place and so on);
  • Making invoices in Exact;
  • Managing all job applications via and forwarding or rejecting them if needed.
  • Etcetera, etcetera, et cet te ra….


Your skills:

  • MBO+;
  • Two years’ experience;
  • Fluent in Dutch (and a bit of English);
  • Very social and communicative;
  • Well organized;
  • Strong administration skills;
  • Problem solver;
  • Outgoing;
  • Enthusiastic;
  • Team player;
  • Flexible;
  • Calm and assertive;
  • Tidy;
  • Quick on your toes;
  • Pro-active;
  • Energetic;
  • Hands-on;
  • Big sense of responsibility;
  • Neatly dressed;
  • And, well trained in Microsoft Office.



Wow, you’ve made it past our overly elaborate list. That means you’re serious about this. Awesome! The job of Office Manager at Born05 is no joke. But of course it’s more than a list of chores and skills. We just wanted to show you that we’re all very much aware of the important things you do. We will love you for that. Just as we love our current Office Manager Julie. Stepping in her shoes will be no easy task. But we can assure you, it will be so much fun. Just ask Julie via, send us your resume and maybe you’ll be our everything soon.

We all work together in one – very pretty – building, our home. Strategists, designers, project managers and developers, they all roam around freely here. Not only because it’s more fun, but because we believe that great things happen when we work closely together.


All our work, everything we do, revolves around the customer journey. We’re not going to explain the entire concept here, but basically: the end user is the overlord. Just keep that in mind. If you join us, you will become an end-user-centric-journey-model-expert in no time.