Sometimes childhood dreams come true.



Sometimes childhood dreams come true. Such was the case when we were asked to come up with a concept for Transformers, around the launch of the new 'Rise of the beasts' film. How can we get young audiences (and their parents) excited about the Transformers brand again and encourage them to buy action figures toys? We came up with the idea and developed an interactive campaign website where parents and children were introduced to the Transformers brand in a special way.


A dedicated campaign website has a much greater (and lasting) impact compared to a fragmented campaign. Integrating all the information with inspired storytelling and with interactive add-ons allows visitors to really take the time to experience the campaign.

The idea

Bumblebee encourages children. Children today live in a world full of challenges. A lot is expected of them, and not every child can handle it easily on their own. Swimming off, your first day at school... Luckily, there are the Transformers who are brave and always ready to help people. To prove this, we brought Bumblebee, one of the most famous Transformers, to life. Parents were asked to nominate their (uptight) child with the Bravery Boost Aide line. From a selection of participants, Bumblebee actually went by to surprise the children at their moment of tension.


But to help all of Benelux's parents and children, we also created a digital version of the Bravery Boost. By entering your child's name and activity, we generated a special video in which Bumblebee personally wished the child success in the exciting activity.

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