We know how it feels


Nobody is perfect

Our first voluminous work for Zwitsal, one of the most iconic brands in The Netherlands, is the 2018 brand commercial.

Zwitsal’s new purpose can be best described as fighting against the perfect picture of parenthood. We know there is a perfect picture. We also know, just like any parent in the world, that this picture is anything but real. And if you ask us: that’s not what’s important. The wonderful, messy, chaotic, intense, unexpected and funny one-to-one moments you have with you child(ren) mean so much more. That’s what really matters.
Nobody is perfect. Enjoy that. Embrace the imperfections of parenthood. That’s how we feel, at Zwitsal. When we look at parenthood, we see the real deal. We see your real struggles, your doubts, your flaws, your intentions, your small victories (and defeats), your efforts, your conversations, your smiles, tears and the inevitable bags under your eyes. We see your love. We see life. We know how it feels.

That’s Zwitsal’s emotional purpose which combines perfectly with Zwitsal’s functional purpose which is creating soft, caring products that help intensify every-day baby care moments into joyful and bonding experiences.


Parenthood is not perfect,
it’s fantastic

With these ingredients we crafted a beautiful and striking brand commercial following multiple storylines wherein young expectant parents are dealing with recognizable, everyday situations. Who’s getting out of bed in the middle of the night? Why didn’t I turn the cap of the milk bottle correctly? I didn’t want to get wet while washing you after swim practice… Really, a full diaper on the highway? Why is eating such a fight? Stop making a mess…  And why doesn’t he want to take a bath? Are we doing it right?
How do you deal with unexpected twists? Can you adapt? Can you see what lies beneath? You’re a young and strong parent, of course you can.
Being a parent isn’t always easy. There will be challenges. Things will not always go as planned or expected. You will sigh. You will groan. But very soon after your last moan, you know how freaking great it is to be a parent. Because being a parent, despite all the hard labor and frustrations, is fantastic. You know that. We know that.

Reality works just fine

Every relationship in the brand commercial is real. All people involved are real people, they’re not actors. And yes: these are their children and grandchildren. Exciting for us to produce, thrilled with the end result.

This brand commercial was made together with our close friends at DPPLR (director Maarten Groen) and Audentity (Niels den Otter).